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Do you ever ask, why your business doesn’t work as you would like? The answer is here:


Many people start, for example, an online business, and they e-mail me after the first three months. “Hi, Stania. I started to write my own blog, published an eBook, but I’ve only had 5 sales and I only have fifty people in my mailing list. Could you tell me what I am doing wrong? Can you have a look at my blog?”

And I say to myself: “Three months, five sales, 50 people in the mailing list. Wow! What a great start!”

Unfortunately, many people feel, that when they get into something, they should become millionaires overnight

People always look for shortcuts. They want one magical exercise, which takes one minute a day to have a six-pack. They want one strategy that takes one hour a week to become millionaires. They search a magic pill, which would ensure that they stay happy forever.

However, life doesn’t work like this, and there is no point in starting a business if you want a quick money and to get rich over night.

If you decide to start a business, I can guarantee you that it will require your time and energy. And if you start doing it just a little bit, you will earn just a little bit. Do you want super fast results? Great. Then you have to start the full blast and with a full commitment.

While your friends watch a soap, you should sit down and write a new article. Instead of scrolling through Facebook on a way to work, you need to read an inspirational book. When your children fall asleep, you need to go and work hard on your business. When everybody else goes out to have fun, go take some time and work on your business. Talk about business. Think about business.

Commit to it not just for a week, for a month, but long term. Give it your all.

You need to ask yourself a question:

Are you willing to work on your business for the next few months? Are you willing to work on your business for the next few years? In order to do new things, you need to devote time even when the others are having free time.

If you are thinking to yourself,”No no no, I want to enjoy my life”, I need to tell you one thing. You will most certainly enjoy your life in the same way as you do now, at this moment. BBQs at the weekends, coffee with friends, an afternoon with children at a playground, and then back to work on Monday.

Is there anything wrong with it? No, there isn’t.

However, if you have dreams, you wish to travel, you want to put your children into a better school, you want to become financially free, if you want to do what you love, if you want to be your own boss, decide what you can do in your own time; then you have to invest your time and energy with a total commitment.

You have to learn to take risks and step out of your comfort zones. Do things even when you don’t feel like working.

The result definitely won’t come over night, and probably not even in a few months. You will start to earn your first money in few months time.

This is usually the exact moment when some people e-mail me,”I only sell five eBooks a month or I‘ve opened an e-shop, but I can only cover my expenses right now”.

The answer? Great! Keep going!

Work hard, find the ways how to be seen, stand up for your name and label, for your vision, write articles, record videos, look for partners, build your business with total commitment and faith that every other step will move you forward to your dream destination.

Maybe, in a years time you will e-mail me and say you have sold fifty eBooks a month, and maybe, which may still not actually be enough, but you’ll understand that you will have to keep going.

And what is the outcome? 

To wake up in the morning and know that from this day on you will only be doing what you enjoy and what brings you fulfilment, for the rest of your life. That you live a life you don’t need a vacation from. This is the reward. The reward for your total everyday commitment for months or years you have been building and loving your business. 

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Do you wish to live a life you don\'t need a vacation from?

A life, where you have the freedom to live freely, happily and to the fullest? 

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