Symptom:”I Don’t Have a Time” Diagnose: The Modern Plague

I am sitting in a cafe and spending an early evening hour replying to my e-mails along with a glass of rosé wine. There is a middle aged man at the next table, obviously waiting for somebody. This somebody, probably a friend will come a few minutes later.

I can’t miss their conversation, as they are too close. “Hi, how are you doing?” – “Oh well, you know, busy all the time, I don’t have time for anything.”

One day later, we sit in a cinema and watch a movie. In one scene, an actor carries his girlfriend from the bathroom to the bed and she resists and shouts “I don’t have a time, I have to work.”

Right away, I remember a picture of me a few months ago, trying to find a couple free hours in my schedule to be able to see my friend, to have a chat and a coffee, laugh and enjoy a nice morning. “I have so little time,” I complained. Even I sometimes get trapped.

And the story “I Don’t Have a Time” continues….

During our lives, the phrase “I Don’t Have a Time” becomes a natural part of our vocabulary, one of our favorite excuses. And the worst thing is, that it’s usually the entire truth.

People have learnt to work all the time, have full calendars, fill every free moment with something, to be always occupied by something.

It has got roots in our childhood – if you “make a child busy”, it doesn’t have a time to “mess around and do stupid things”, in other words, to explore the World.

A parallel with an adulthood?

The catch phrase “I Don’t Have a Time” has become a new ‘lifestyle disease’. It leads to people’s lives slipping through their fingers without even noticing. 

And one day there will be “GAME OVER” sign in front of them and there really will be no time left. It will be too late to change something. 

The advanced stage of this illness is that the affected feels like it’s OK not to have time for anything

That it’s great to be busy, spend 10 hours in the office, than to run to the gym after, go shopping, come home, without having time to play with children, but cook them fantastic super healthy dinners and then to fall to bed absolutely shattered.

People affected with the Modern Plague feel very good about themselves at this stage. They feel they are very effective and they manage so many things.

They often feel great about themselves, because they make money and also can look after their family. The paradox is, that this is often the reason, why relationships fall apart, why children stop talking to their parents and why companies go bankrupt and friends disappear.

Simply because there was no time for important things. 

And then come the burnout syndrome, depression or a feeling that life doesn’t make any sense and then the need to change it … But how?

This video truly inspired me some time ago:

To have a time to live

When I returned after three weeks in Nepal at the beginning of November 2014, I found out that in the meantime I got 32 orders of my eBook. There was only one time I needed to get online regarding the publishing of my Beach Business book and the rest of our trip I was completely offline, enjoying life.

I had a beautiful feeling of gratitude, that I didn’t have to do ANYTHING and at the same time I could do EVERYTHING.

  • I can just sit down and I can go for a coffee with my friend.
  • I can spend some quality time with my husband during the day because he also doesn’t have to do anything.
  • I can write a new blog post.
  • I can tidy up, even though I used to hate it, but now, I realize it was only because I didn’t have the actual time.
  • I can pick up my kids from school at 12 and go for a walk.

And the list goes on:

  • I can read a book.
  • I can work on something new and think about new ideas.
  • I can write because enjoy it.
  • I can go to the movies.
  • I can go out to the bar in the evening and order a drink called ‘Time of My Life’ and feel the gratitude that it really is the Time of my life. The most wonderful time of my life.

I can live, I have time for it. 

I can do things I enjoy. I have time for it. 

I can be with people, who I love and spend a real quality time with them. I have time for it. 

Well, the Beach Business isn’t just about lying on the beach in a tropical paradise or traveling around the World and earning money. Beach Business is also about an ordinary life, which is extraordinary to the point that you chose what you want to do and when you want to do it.

Beach Business is also about an ordinary life, which is extraordinary to the point that you chose WHAT you want to do and when you want to do it.

At the beginning, you may fall into a trap

You feel like you should do something. I went through a period of a few months where I knew I didn’t have to do anything, but I couldn’t help myself. I felt bad that I didn’t work. Whole my life I had been learning to be “occupied” by something. It was quite difficult to get rid of such a habit.

I have time today thanks to my desire for freedom, which lead me to write my eBooks, which opened the door to the life I live today. It’s a life, where I don’t have to take a vacation to finally start living, I have time for it.

I believe that time is one of the most valuable assets of which we have. So there is no time to waste. It’s time to live.

The journey can be rough and long, and you may have to invest some time to gain more of it in the future. But that’s what Beach Business is about :).

So now it’s the time to ask yourself, “Do I live a life as I wish? Am I happy? Do I have time to live?”

And if the answer is NO, what is holding you back from changing things? 

But HOW?

The change often doesn’t happen until we finally start to think that things could be different. Not until we admit that there are different possibilities, and not until we decide what we really want to change.

In 2010, I decided that I want to live a life I live today. As you can read in my book, the journey was long and rough, but it was the decision what lead me to new changes, opportunities, and possibilities.

Everything was leading me to a life filled with the freedom I live today. I don’t have to get up and go anywhere in the morning and I fill my daily schedule as I decide. I can be anywhere in the World, but I only work only when I feel like it and can earn money, which gives me financial freedom.

Once I set the goal and have walked all the way to achieve it.

So my favorite saying is:

It’s a good start :)

Do you have my

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Do you wish to live a life you don\'t need a vacation from?

A life, where you have the freedom to live freely, happily and to the fullest? 

This is what the Beach Business book is all about... 
Welcome to my World.....
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