The Secret Why my Vision Boards Work + Gift for 2018

I open my eyes in the morning, and the first thing I see is my vision board; I have been creating these for several years at the turn of the year, and then they hang in my bedroom. The year 2017 will end soon and when I look at the picture opposite my bed I see that this year was exactly the way I created it on my vision board.

It brought many challenges, which were hidden in the innocent wishes as well as great surprises that life had laid in my path.

It was the similar case even in the previous years, at least 90% of what I pictured had always happened. And as you can imagine I didn’t have small goals. :) Here is my vision board, it is in the Czech language, but you get the feeling from the pictures.

Magic hidden in vision boards? Or something different?

I love magic and rituals but at the same time, I believe, they are just the icing on the cake, the last part of the already made machine, which is essential for getting the machine to start and work smoothly.

But 99% is hidden somewhere else. The secret of why my vision boards work year after year is the DECISION.

The secret why my vision boards work year by year is THE DECISION

I always spend the last days of the year balancing things. I evaluate my successes, joys, and amazing experiences as well as the difficult times, downfalls and lessons learned. I think about what I want to bring to the following year and what I want to leave behind in the old year.

I make decisions what I change. 

I give it a high care. I write, cross, add. I carefully choose words and pictures I want to express the following year with.

I have learned to pay attention primarily to how I want to feel.

Because it’s not so important whether you are traveling the World and rest in millions or if you are walking in the forest and rest on the grass. What matters is HOW YOU FEEL WHILE DOING IT.

And then the important comes – THE DECISION

Do I really want it like that in my life? Can I fully commit to this? Am I decided to change things? Am I decided to change myself? Am I decided to risk and leave the well-known?

I often set myself big goals and I accept the full RESPONSIBILITY for achieving them.

And then the life starts spinning fast and because of some goals, it often doesn’t stay the same anymore. The year flows, and I accept new challenges as they come.

  • I say YES to life.
  • I enjoy the ride.
  • I fear the unknown.
  • I laugh, and I am thankful.
  • I cry, and sometimes for days or even weeks, I don’t get why some things are happening. And then I look at my vision board one day, and suddenly I realize that all these changes happen only so I could achieve my wish…

So I could fulfill my decision.

And then I look back at all the random opportunities, ideas I wanted to pull out of, significant challenges and pleasant surprises; this all suddenly makes sense and these pieces create the whole picture of the past year.

The decisions in sight

Vision board is good because I can always see my decisions for the particular year. But a written text you just hang above your desk or a small note you insert in your purse could do the same job.

When you clarify your decisions, and you can see them every day, it’s much easier to recognize opportunities and little sidetracks that suddenly appear and you much better cope with the storms that are the necessary part of the change.

People often want huge positive changes in their lives but they are not willing to risk the loss of their existing comfort. They would like to create a vision board and then sit on the couch and wait for the Universe to lay it all down at their feet. And then they are sad at the end of the year that nothing they wished for happened again…

Does it sound familiar?

Then this year balance your dreams and desires and change them to DECISIONS. You may start feeling butterflies in your stomach and be scared, and it’s alright. This is a part of the game. :)

Recap your dreams and desires for the year 2018 and change them to DECISIONS.

But it isn’t so easy!

You may now start having arguments: “But everybody can’t just decide, some things can’t be changed!” Really? I admit that sometimes I also get to a dead end and I get absorbed by a decision that something “is not possible.”

It’s often because I am trying so hard to “come up” with a solution, and for all the thinking I am missing out opportunities and possibilities that life prepares for me in the meantime. The paths towards our dreams lead across lands we can’t even imagine. And if we can’t see the solution it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Hence, it’s not important to always conjure the HOW. But to know WHY I want it, what qualities it will bring to my life and WHAT I really want. AND TO MAKE THE DECISION that I really want this and I will simply find the way.

And then to follow with faith what life starts serving to me.

You may get fired from work, you may break your leg or get ill. Sometimes life can be so tough when it leads us towards our dreams and wishes.

It’s not that easy. If it was so then everybody would have their dreams and wishes fulfilled.

If you want something, it\'s necessary to clarify how much you are devoted to it and if you are willing to accept also the other side of the coin; that you may have to give up something or somebody, leave your old habits or your current lifestyle. 

And to decide you will go for it. That it is important for you and you accept the full responsibility for everything what your dream or wish brings. 

To achieve a goal and feel happy about it isn’t the same thing

I will never forget the moment when I was lying on one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole World and was hiding tears behind my sunglasses. I felt upset and angry. We had a slight relationship crisis back then. And I realized one thing…

It doesn’t matter who I am, what I’ve achieved and what I got. The most important is how I feel. And since then I formulate my goals and wishes completely differently. 

Quite a nice example is my vision board for the year 2016. Sorry, it’s in Czech, but my native language feels much more appropriate when creating these.

Instead of writing “Summer in Bali”I have scribed “Happy in Bali” on my vision board in 2016. Instead of “Good health” you would find “I feel healthy and full of energy” there, etc.

I fine tune this every year so even this year I have learned from some of the imperfect formulations and thing that I have stated in a way that I was nearly banging my head on the table saying “Omg, what have I made up for myself…??” :) But this is the part of the game called LIFE.

Therefore, my advice at the end is: Think about how you want to feel in specific areas of your life in 2018.

Do you want to earn 4000 euros per month? Why? What will you feel like? Do you want to spend the whole winter in Thailand? Why? What will you feel like there, what will you experience? Do you want to get pregnant? Why? How will you feel? Do you want to start a business? Why? What feelings will that bring to your life?

And be patient with yourself. :)

Big changes require time. A tree won’t grow from the seed overnight, the same as some big visions and dreams need to grow and mature. There may be wishes their power fades off over a time, and they won’t be important anymore. And it doesn’t really matter.

GIFT for you: Your map for the journey through the year 2018 :)

I have just recapped the year 2017 and the plans for the year 2018, and I thought that my system could be helpful for you to get off on the right foot towards your dream life and change your dreams to plans in 2018. :)

It’s important to know where I am now and where I am aiming. Then the journey finally starts making sense, and we can get to our destination.

Therefore, I have prepared worksheets for you. Download them by clicking on the link below (no need to sign up), print them out and give yourself and your plans time for the following year.

  • The Map For Your Journey in 2018 (PDF)

    DOWNOLAD here (no need to give email) - The Map For Your Journey in 2018. These are worksheets thanks to which you can conclude your year 2017 and plan your journey through the year 2018.

Be happy in 2018 and live the story you want to tell. :)


Research shows that more we appreciate our PAST SUCCESSES, more reassured we feel when accepting other risks and managing them successfully.

So before you start with your new year resolutions and plans for the year 2018, look back at what you have achieved, experienced and PRAISE YOURSELF for it. By the way, this is a part of The map for 2018. :)
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