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Have you ever asked yourself while on vacation: “Hmm, what if we could stay just one more week …”, and right away you sighed and accepted it was only a wish and agreed to the fact that it was just IMPOSSIBLE, and then you let it go…

Have you ever said to yourself: “What if it was possible to …?” End your sentence.

I am sure you have.

Every person has wishes, consciously or unconsciously, countless times, every day. But many of those wishes we just sweep under the carpet.

But what if there was a different way?

What if all your “Ifs” had a potential to become real?

If you leave all your wishes in the state “If”, you essentially get to the position of a victim, to a role of a passive participant, who doesn’t have a power over his or her own life.

We often use the state “If” or “I wish” because we don’t see any other option. We feel helpless, without the potency to get control over it.

All your “Ifs” and “I Wishes” can come true. And there is only one thing that is separating you from them.

And that’s – The Decision.

The decision of not being a victim but a creator of my own life. The decision that I hold my life firmly in my hands and have full responsibility for what is happening to me, and only I am responsible for my decisions.

At the moment we make this decision, we instantly know what we need to do to achieve what we want. The decision gives our idea a power, and then the idea becomes a plan.

It doesn’t mean it’s’ easy to get things going afterwards, but thanks to this decision we immediately see, what we need to do for our “If” to become our reality.

And so try it too

Take it easy and start with little things. When you are thinking about something and the sentence starts with the words – “If I could just….,” or something similar – make a decision. Ensure that your decision doesn‘t end with the word “If”. Go for that decision no matter what. Trust your intuition!

Then, change your wish to a specific plan. Clarify, which steps you need to do to make it real. Overcome your laziness, fear, and distaste, because these all will surely come. They will give you all the reasons, why it makes no sense.

But it does, and deep down you know it!

We only live once and it’s such a pity to stay dreaming and talking about “What it would be like, if….”

It’s important to live life to the fullest and that means changing our dreams into plans. Become fully responsible and change our “Ifs” to actual EXPERIENCES.


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