What I Revealed to Jack Canfield About Myself – 30 things that bring me JOY

Time to time I go through days where my energy is down. I feel overworked, tired from children and their requirements, I am grumpy or I have a cold. The inspiration has left and things don’t happen the way I want them to. Quite simply “crappy” days.

When these days happen, we can often feel like every other thing just adds the fuel to the fire. And our feeling of everything being wrong increases and increases.

But when I make a decision that I don’t want to stay in that “crappy” feeling any longer, that I want to get out of it and finally find the power to say to myself: “Enough!”

Then I can get up and go to do something that brings me joy. My mood and energy start to go up very quickly. My thoughts calm down and things don’t seem to look as bad anymore.

But what brings you joy? Do you ever think about it? 

Today, I thought about it very intensively, because I had homework.

I had always known, that completing this task can be one of the ways, to find out more about ourselves and our priorities. It’s a task, I give to my students in one of my online courses. But I would have never imagined being given the same task, and especially from one of the most famous icons from the personal development field, Jack Canfield.

I had been preparing for a few day’s workshop with Jack I attended in June (you may know him as a co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul book or The Secret book). To get to know his students better and to be able to tune into them, he prepared a series of questions and tasks for me and other twenty participants.

One of the tasks was to write down a Joy List. A list of 30 things, which bring me joy 

When I finished writing and I read them afterward, I realized that those 30 items show quite perfectly who I really am. I decided that if I wanted to get to know somebody in the future, I would need to ask them for a joy list too :).

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we shared what brings us joy straight away on our first meetings with other people?

Try it, it’s a great look to your heart and soul, to realise what is truly important to you.

One of my friends always tells us on leaving: “Bye! And don’t forget: do what you love and do it as often as you can.” And I think it’s nice to remind ourselves of this. I know, that many people nowadays forget under the huge workload and duties, what they really like, what brings them happiness and joy.

A cup of hot chocolate, cat’s purrs. Your children’s laughter. Moments alone in nature. What actually BRINGS YOU JOY?

Take a piece of paper, give yourself 10 minutes of your time and write your own list. You will see, that doing this will make you smile. Whenever you feel down, take this paper or remember to do one of the things from the list ;).

And what were my own 30 items on my Joy list I revealed to Jack? Here they are:

Before you start reading, I just need to make clear, that there is no priority order, I just wrote them down as they appeared in my mind. :)

1. Spending conscious time with my partner

2. Inspirational and creative talks about business with others

3. Fun time with my kids, especially in nature


4. Feeling in the FLOW of creative energy

5. Inspiring others with my thoughts through blog, Facebook or videos

6. Walking alone or with my partner in the woods or mountains

7. Hiking in in high mountains with beautiful views


8. Long evening walks on the beach with my partner


9. Writing


10. Eating good food and exploring new tastes

11. Finding inspiration in books and movies.

12. Showing my kids the beauties of this World, traveling together.


13.Advances and new discoveries of my children.

14. Taking pictures of my children and beautiful moments.

15. Adventurous trips without a previous plan


16. Deep talks and “girl time” with other women.

17. The combination of chocolate and strawberries


18. Watching and helping my students in my online courses grow

19. Leading my students to their own business.


20.Giving our clients more than they expected, I love the moments of their surprise.

21. The feeling of luxury in great hotels and restaurants.

22. Surprises and unexpected moments.


A gift from one of my students

23. Planning of marketing campaigns for our business with my partner.

24. Feeling beautiful.

25. Having a free calendar with no plans. To feel the freedom.


26. Being in the flow of abundance and money.

27. Feel loved and in love.


28.Watching sunsets in many different places around the World.

29. Slow long breakfasts with my family.

30. Little everyday jokes with my partner and children.


If Jack had required to write down more, I wouldn’t have had a problem to put down other things. For example:

  • The joy when I open our post box and find a postcard we sent to ourselves on our travels. Yes, we really do that. :D
  • The joy when I find a pretty original piece of clothes in a shop.
  • Very well managed webinar and positive feedback from the people who watched it, saying that they really enjoyed it.
  • The joy when I climb up our close by mountain and have a typical Czech cabbage soup.
  • Our afternoon teas with my partner and chocolate-coconut biscuits from our local bakery.
  • Spontaneous ideas.
  • Fresh flowers in the vase or in the garden.
  • Czech nature in the spring.
  • Blue sky when skiing.
  • Chilling out.
  • Long swim alone in the pool.
  • When my email box is completely empty. :D
  • Chocolate cake with sea salt and espresso macchiato in Tungsgram Cafe in Brno with a view to the cathedral or Betel Cake in Betelnut Café in Canggu in Bali with a view to the rice field.
  • Great music especially played live, at a summer festival.
  • The joy when I finish a blog post like this one, scroll through it and feel like it can inspire many people and brighten up their day.

I feel like I should add, that this list doesn’t mean I have these joys in my life every day and I am living happily ever after.

I am not. I also have days when it’s raining outside for the whole day, I argue with my partner, my children fight, the fridge is empty and my inspiration has gone and seemingly has no plans to return.

But when this happens, it’s the perfect moment for changing one thing, focusing on a different direction and reality begins to twist.

Our mind is like a garden and only we decide if we plant weeds or flowers.

And there is no need to travel to the other side of the World.

For example, the points 6,14 or 7 from my list can be done very quickly and easily. And point 28 will do the trick either if you watch it from Bali’s beach or from my window in our house in the Czech republic.

The greatest joy is often hidden in small things.

And what brings happiness to you? You can share your ideas here or make yourself a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, whatever you feel like and give yourself 10 minutes. Write down your joy list. And then?

Do what you love and do it as often as you can. ;)

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