Business on Maternity Leave – it used to be my nightmare, today it is a fantastic part of my life

It’s been a week since my third child was born, my son Yuri. We have been truly enjoying the first days since the first minutes, being at home from the beginning, with loving care of my partner and keen attention from my older daughters.

I feel content.

But this is not the topic of today’s article. I switched on my computer for the first time in those seven days. My baby is comfortably sleeping in the sling on my chest and I feel like writing something.

I would like to write about one of many contrasts I have been noticing after the arrival of our little boy compared to my older daughters. About my business, and how it relates to my new role as a mother of a newborn. Today, instead of talking about Beach Business, I am going to talk about Maternity Leave Business… :)


My Maternity Leave Business today and ten years ago

While I have been enjoying our little gorgeous smelling baby for the first week, I received 12 orders of my new eBook, five people ordered my Beach Business book and it was great as I didn’t have to to do a thing.

My Beach Business is working day and night for me, without me.

Currently, I do mostly business from a bed, not from a beach. The beach is on a schedule at the beginning of July. The fact, I have been taken care of, money has been coming to my account and I don’t have to do anything for it right now, is mind blowing. When I feel fit enough and when I want, I will start working and creating again.

Despite my time off, my Beach Business doesn’t stop. Every day I receive orders of books or eBooks.

This is a print screen of my eBook’s sales for the last week since my son was born until now when I am writing this article… It is in the Czech language, but I guess you can understand the numbers. :-)


I always knew that having a business belonged to my life

I remember very well those times 10 years ago when my first daughter Victoria was born and I was 22. The thought, I had to rely only on maternity leave benefit from the government, and the wage of my former husband was very stressful. That was the reason why I started my first business just before she was born. We established a construction company. It was founded May 12, 2006. Victoria was born May 31, 2006.

I was very excited, motivated and full of drive. I wasn’t just financial motivation but also a desire to do something meaningful. In the Czech Republic, maternity leave lasts three, sometimes four years, (looking after one child), if you have more children you stay at home for longer, which is great but at the same time, after the first few months, women often start to feel isolated, separated from the society without any deeper sense of life or fulfilment. And the fulfilment doesn’t hide between dirty diapers and caring for the household.

My motivation was both the money and the fulfilment of my own potential.

My job was mainly travelling to the meetings with clients, having consultations about their requirements, mostly regarding the reconstruction and remodelling of their bathrooms. I was creating 3D designs of bathrooms, doing the budgeting and preparing contracts. I always had to see the clients more than once.

It wasn’t very easy with a baby

If you have a child, you definitely know now what I am talking about and how difficult it is going to appointments on time with a little baby. It’s a like a mission impossible.

I still remeber myself sitting in my client’s living room, talking about their bathroom and listening to my baby’s crying in the car at the parking lot with my sister babysitting. My sister was the only chance I had to be able to even attend the appointments.

Even today, we remember the story, when my, at that time 17 years old sister, tried to wipe little Victoria’s bum with matt finish dashboard wipes, until she realised, that they weren’t the right ones… :).

But you can sense I didn’t find it very funny back then as a new mother.

I felt terrible but I didn’t have any other choice. If I wanted to keep the business going, this was now my life.  I had to go through this once or twice a week and prayed that Victoria would sleep at the appointment times. On the top of that, instead of me sleeping and having rest in the afternoons, I was doing the budgeting and other paperwork. Due to the circumstances, I never felt at ease at the meetings with clients and I was transferring the stress on to the baby too.

I didn’t know any other way and our construction company was running fantastically. We were booked up for several following months, customers loved us and I was excited that I was doing something meaningful, something I enjoyed and something that provided me with enough finance for living the life we lived at that time.


It was really demanding and stressful

I often felt very guilty that I didn’t spend enough time with my child and was working instead, or that it cried in somebody else’s arms while I was negotiating contracts. It really troubled me, but it simply belonged to the ordinary run of business. It required my time. I was working at nights or in every spared moment when Victoria was asleep. I was sometimes nearly dropping from exhaustion and this resulted in me not being able to do anything for the following few days or weeks.

But these breaks had an immediate impact on our business so I clenched my teeth and kept going.

When I look back I feel so grateful that now I know a different way

Within the last three years, I have established a business that works day and night and generates a stable income. Now, I don’t really feel like applying for the maternity leave benefit and to rely on the government. I don’t need it and it’s an amazing feeling of freedom and peace.

I earn about $1800 every month only selling one eBook, and this has been happening regularly since 2013. The whole selling process is automatized. That means clients get to my website from where they are directed to the sales page of my eBook. After they buy it, they receive it automatically to their e-mail address. What’s more, I don’t even need to be present during this process.

Everything runs automatically.

I call it Beach Business and I teach the whole strategy, I use myself for this automated sales process, in my Beach Business Online Course.

The last run of the course has just finished and I was able to lead it from home even during the last week of my pregnancy because I had everything ready from the previous year. It took only a few hours of communication with my students.

The amazing thing is, that even if I don’t work for few days or weeks, my business keeps running without me. I can allow myself to do NOTHING. I can just be, enjoy days with my baby and the business works alone.



Now I am going to enjoy a Baby Business. :)



I am going to switch off my computer for a few days with knowing I have a great assistant, my Beach Business.

By the way, if everything around Beach Business is new to you and you are interested in the whole strategy, which is behind it, I recommend you go and read through the Beach Business website.

And if you are my Beach student and reading this….

…I hope this article will “kick your butt” and send you a new wave of creative energy. Because one day, you will be taken care of exactly like how I am today. If you give it your time and your energy and finish all the necessary steps, (which you have learnt in the course), you will start selling your eBooks.

The journey may be difficult sometimes and it requires a lot of your energy at the beginning, but thanks to your hard work, you will be taken care of in the future.

Whether you will be lying on a beach or enjoying a fun time with your kids or hiking somewhere in the mountains.

Now, you can plant the seeds in your own garden.  In a garden similar to mine, which is now beautifully blooming. So please, get inspired and start working! :)


And when you look back in a few years time, as I do now,

you will be endlessly thankful!


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